Choose Your Wine


With over 135 different varieties and award-winning wines to choose from, Wine Kitz has a wine for every taste and every occasion. Each batch of wine makes 30 – 750 ml bottles. (Dessert wines make 30 – 375 ml bottles.)

Ultra Premium Wines

These ultra premium, full-bodied wines are of the highest quality, providing rich, bold, powerful red and white wines of exceptional flavour and depth.

Premium Wines

Our medium-bodied premium wines have excellent varietal quality and character. They’re the perfect alternative to your favourite, every day commercial wines.

Early Drinking Wines

A variety of earlier drinking wines for wine lovers who prefer less complexity and a lower alcohol level.

Fruit Wines

Our fruit wines are perfect for summer sipping while relaxing on the patio.

Dessert Wines

Our range of rich aperitif and dessert wines will suit any palate.


Wine Kitz has been satisfying customers
for over 55 years.

We’d like you to be one of them.

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